Sai Gon Phu Thanh Garment

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Take the worries out of your production process

Sai Gon Phu Thanh Garment

Take the worries out of your production process

Based in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City's booming fashion manufacturing hub, Sai Gon Phu Thanh Garment offers peace of mind based on our experience and expertise. We deal with partners right across the world and logistics are our stock in trade. Please give us your challenge - we'll meet your strictest demands.

Our production teams are experts - paid fairly and working under strict safety compliance. Happy workers mean happy customers - at least that's what we've always proved.

Need creative help?

It's right here - a crew of designers and technological wizards who can enhance your own designs or come up with original ideas to complete your own visions.

Put us to the test

Testing is vital in today's world of fabrics. Things can go wrong. You could get seam slips, pilling, color fading, cross-staining, shrinkage. We test for all this and more besides. Just tell us what to test for.

Try before you buy

Ask us to provide shipment-ready samples, photo originals, pre-production samples and/or samples for your sales force. It's what we do - just ask.


The global fabrics and fashion business is a big, crowded, confusing world, but we can handle all communication technologies. Our go-to language is English, but we are fluent in many others. Be assured, we'll keep you informed every step of the way to a successful business partnership.

Trust us

We'll treat your trade secrets and your exclusive designs just like our own - they don't leave our hub. No third party will ever see your designs.

Need you ask?

Without superb quality control we'd go out of business, so we look for every blemish, loose thread, packaging issue - and we fix it long before it leaves the factory.


If you can't quite lay your hands on the exact fabric, pattern, trim, wearability forecast, just tell us what you have in mind. Almost certainly we'll be able to source it.

Contact Us Now

Please do get in touch with us if you have any queries and need a clothing manufacturer.