Frequently Asked Questions

You're busy, we're busy - the whole world is busy. We try to respond to every email within hours, but just occasionally an answer to a specific question might take a little longer. Maybe your question is covered below - if not, we're working on it.

How about men's wear?

This is one of our core disciplines. Men's fashion is at the heart of our design and production activity. Major lines include jackets, trousers, T-shirts, shirts. We're constantly innovating, so please contact us if you're looking for the latest in masculine apparel.

Project turnaround

In a world as complex as fashion and manufacture it's sometimes not practicable to pin anyone down to an exact timeframe. Fabrics might be hard to get, design and manufacturing quirks might extend the final delivery time. It's common for others in the garment trade to quote up to 90 days for dispatch of ladies' clothing orders. We can usually do much better than that.

One thing is certain - we'll give you a timeframe and stick to it.

Quantity orders

This is an area where precise communication is paramount. Tell us your quantity plans and we'll give you a minimum order estimate. An industry standard is 800 items for each style and colour, giving the flexibility needed to address fabric availability and possible dyeing considerations. That 800 figure can be tweaked down to 500 if the fabric is shared across styles and colours. Once we know availability of your chosen fabric, we'll do everything we can to accommodate your quantity requests.

What about new and emerging companies and brands?

While we love to support new business and design talent, it can be tricky when it comes to developing new brands, establishing new companies. Samples are a major concern, and while we're happy to make collection samples for established brands, unfortunately we can't offer samples to new brands or start-ups.

What price samples?

Good news - for samples such as fitting samples and pre-production samples - no charge. For sales samples: 2.5 x f.o.b. price. These policies cover only established brands. They're all exclusively made - no ready-made samples. But you'll find that once we set up a working business partnership we'll do our level best to give you the samples you need.

Delivery costs

We're right across logistics and supply chains and can offer a quick turnaround from our Vietnam base. Terms are f.o.b. Ho Chi Minh City, and we request T/T 30/70. This means 30% deposit and 70% against copy B/L. Payment can also be made by L/C. Our price includes packing, exporting and delivery to your freight forwarder.

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